Resilience & The Make It Safe Project

I am honored that my short story, “Sculptor of Skin,” is included in RESILIENCE: STORIES, POEMS, ESSAYS, WORDS, FOR LGBT YOUTH, edited by Eric Nguyen for The Better Book Project, and available at Lulu Publishing.

All proceeds from the sale of RESILIENCE benefits The Make It Safe Project, which donates books about sexual orientation and gender identity to schools and youth homeless shelters. The Make It Safe Project has given more than 120,000 teens access to books by critically acclaimed authors nationwide and abroad.

If you want to support this cause please consider purchasing RESILIENCE.

To receive books for your school or shelter, please visit THE MAKE IT SAFE PROJECT.

To be queer and young is to be STRONG. To be queer and young is to be RESILIENT. 

Collected in this anthology are over 20 inspiring stories, poems, essays, and other writings made for queer youth.