Teaching Writing

This January I’m honored to be teaching a four-session course on writing fiction as part of Athens Public Library’s adult program. I met with twenty-some attendees this week of all experience levels, and while the format doesn’t allow me to read their work, I can tell from exercise responses and discussion there’s a lot of talent and enthusiasm.… (Read more)


Thrilled to have donated youth mentoring services to a fundraising auction for the Rehoboth Beach DE LGBTQ Community Center. Can’t wait to meet the winning bidder! … (Read more)


Excited to attend the SCBWI Summer Spectacular.… (Read more)

Libraries to the Rescue

I’d like to highlight the wonderful work being done by our librarians and libraries as we endure this pandemic with this SLJ article. Miss you Athens Public Library! … (Read more)

Connecting Online

A huge shout out to the children’s writing and illustrating community. Things that have held me together during the pandemic: Marcie Colleen’s chapter book classes at www.TheWritingBarn.com; www.Highlightsfoundation.org offerings, especially Sarah Aronson’s Wednesday gatherings; all the wonderful webinars being offered through SCBWI, Highlights, Writing Barn (and I’m sure many more), and my wonderful writing group which checks in every morning at 9 and then some, not to mention Sunday evening Bananagrams games. … (Read more)


Sad news. The kids in Imagination Nation worked and played hard during the first half of our workshop. The script is finished, and we were all really excited about returning from Spring Break to start play practice, but the Coronavirus has put an end to our fun.… (Read more)

Imagination Nation

Excited to lead a free writing and theater workshop, Imagination Nation, for fourth and fifth graders at Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio. https://stuartsoperahouse.org/ We’ll cooperatively write a play based on a fairy tale and then perform it. Participants will select the tale, create the characters, fracture the plot, write dialogue and design the costumes.… (Read more)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone. Instead of New Year’s resolutions to make and break, I hope to live my life as best I can one day at a time. But if I were to find one word to guide me throught this year, it might be Truth.… (Read more)

Where Have I Been?

When my fearless web designer and I were setting up this site, I kept asking myself how will I ever post a blog on a regular basis when my life is already full with writing projects, rich with other commitments (writing-related and otherwise), and subject to the usual “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”?… (Read more)

Readers Share for March

Favorites from Readers

The Left-Handed Fate (Kate Milford, fantasy adventure) is so suspenseful. Constant suspense – you never know what’s going to happen. The character Lucy is completely different – really takes charge and breaks the rules. She doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks.”… (Read more)