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School & Library Visits

(Also available for GSAs and Home School groups)

Choose from Author Readings/Q&A or Creative Fun.
Creative Fun will dovetail with classroom needs, after consultation with the teacher.

  • Option 1: Reading/Q&A (50 minutes; 60 if including short writing exercise)
  • Option 2: Creative Fun, second grade and above, one visit per class (60-90 minutes)
  • Option 3: Creative Fun, second grade and above, two or more visits per class (60-90 minutes each)
  • Option 4: A combination of the above

Examples of Creative Fun: The Magic If (individual story-making), Story Brainstorms (cooperative story-making), Playing with Poetry, Let’s Make a Magazine, Sense and Simile

Also available for Grades Six through High School: Character-Building, World-Building, Creating Conflict, Beginnings/Middles/Ends, Revision Practice (advanced).


Because I believe in giving back to my community, local fees are deeply discounted.

Athens County

  • Options 1 and 2 are free
  • Options 3 and 4 are negotiable

Meigs, Vinton, Hocking, Perry, Morgan, and Washington Counties, within 35 miles from Athens

  • Option 1: $15 per classroom
  • Option 2: $25 per classroom
  • Options 3 & 4: Negotiable

All others:

  • Option 1: $25 per classroom, plus travel and lodge if necessary
  • Option 2: $50 per classroom, plus travel and lodge if necessary
  • Option 3: $100 for two visits, plus travel and lodging if necessary; three visits and up, negotiable.