Book Donations

Looking for a way to give back to your community? Consider donating books to your local library, school, or favorite organization. This month I’m donating LGBTQ books for children and young adults to Camp Rehoboth, South Coastal Delaware’s LGBTQ community center.… (Read more)

Library Lecture

I was invited back to the Athens Public Library to give a lecture on narrative voice in fiction. Who knew I would like lecturing to adults almost as much as leading workshops for children? Pouring through craft books and webinars to tackle this challenging, complicated, elusive subject.… (Read more)

Teaching Writing

This January I’m honored to be teaching a four-session course on writing fiction as part of Athens Public Library’s adult program. I met with twenty-some attendees this week of all experience levels, and while the format doesn’t allow me to read their work, I can tell from exercise responses and discussion there’s a lot of talent and enthusiasm.… (Read more)


Thrilled to have donated youth mentoring services to a fundraising auction for the Rehoboth Beach DE LGBTQ Community Center. Can’t wait to meet the winning bidder! … (Read more)


Excited to attend the SCBWI Summer Spectacular.… (Read more)

Where Have I Been?

When my fearless web designer and I were setting up this site, I kept asking myself how will I ever post a blog on a regular basis when my life is already full with writing projects, rich with other commitments (writing-related and otherwise), and subject to the usual “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”?… (Read more)