Teaching Writing

This January I’m honored to be teaching a four-session course on writing fiction as part of Athens Public Library’s adult program. I met with twenty-some attendees this week of all experience levels, and while the format doesn’t allow me to read their work, I can tell from exercise responses and discussion there’s a lot of talent and enthusiasm.… (Read more)


Thrilled to have donated youth mentoring services to a fundraising auction for the Rehoboth Beach DE LGBTQ Community Center. Can’t wait to meet the winning bidder! … (Read more)


Excited to attend the SCBWI Summer Spectacular.… (Read more)

Where Have I Been?

When my fearless web designer and I were setting up this site, I kept asking myself how will I ever post a blog on a regular basis when my life is already full with writing projects, rich with other commitments (writing-related and otherwise), and subject to the usual “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”?… (Read more)