Where Have I Been?

When my fearless web designer and I were setting up this site, I kept asking myself how will I ever post a blog on a regular basis when my life is already full with writing projects, rich with other commitments (writing-related and otherwise), and subject to the usual “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”?  But I wouldn’t know till I tried, and so I dove in. I posted regularly in the beginning, but then….

Website Silence. Even though I’ve a list of blog topics I’m eager to ponder through prose and a pile of books to share.


Where have I been?


There’s a town in rural Appalachian Ohio named Banbury where Adam Cohen tries to figure out how to save a doomed flock of chickens, why he has a crush on a boy and a girl, and most of all how to be a good friend.

When I’m not in Banbury helping Adam figure it all out, I’m transported to a parallel world where electricity does not exist but light is paramount. There, in Highland Harbor, young Johnny Pierpoint embarks on a seafaring adventure to find his long lost parents. Along the way he teams up with merfolk and glow whales to fight slavery, learn about tolerance, and bring a new source of light to the world.


Image courtesy of mailorderpoultry.com


I value all of you friends who support me and all of you as yet unknown, potential readers, and I apologize for the lag, but I’m not sorry for it. Adam Cohen is close to meeting an agent, and Johnny’s story calls to me with its siren song.

That’s where I’ve been. That’s where I’m going.

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  1. Wendy McVicker says:

    Amy, I am glad you’re spending time in these rich fictional worlds! Especially if you bob up from time to time to wave to us, your friends and fans. Keep writing! I’ll see you on one shore or another, here on this planet or who-knows-where yet to be discovered!

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